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About 6 km far away from the city of Rab, as a natural extention to the Mundanija valley, embracing the bay in which it's situated there is Supetarska Draga. The place recived its name from the church and benedictine abbey of St. Peter which date back in the XI. century. The curch/basilica of St. Peter is the oldest romanic curch in Croatia and with its beauty attracts worshippers and art lovers. The Draga valley is divided in two parts: Gornja (upper) and Donja (lower) Draga.

 Supetarska Drag 

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Installation and maintenance of air conditioning, hospitality equipment and home appliances.

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Supetarska Draga 45

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Rab is a town on the same name island. Location is Kvarner bay, which is at northern part of the Adriatic. Rab is the most southern island from the Kvarner islands. Population of Rab is about 9000, but during the summer on Rab are much more people. It has great accommodation capacities. Main accommodation is in private rooms and apartments, but also hotels offer respectable number of beds, and have very good service and some hotels are of high quality. Auto camps could also be found at Rab. Rab has more than 2100 sunny hours during the year. The entrance to the old town of Rab is in white stone, and you will be aware that you are entering to a really old area of town. That is the square of St. Christopher. On the square is a fountain with two sculptures from the legend. The old city is dominated by four bell towers mainly in the Roman style. Just by the city walls is a beautiful park Komrcar under which is the long walk side and the beach. In the shade of ancient pines, the smell of resin and the blue sea, you can spend your holidays and you can still enjoy the privileges of a city.